THE OVERALL GOAL of our research program is to protect and regenerate the inner ear in order to improve patients’ hearing health. We strive to understand the mechanisms of development, regeneration, and protection of mammalian sensory hair cells using state-of-the-art technologies and collaborative approaches.


Hair cells are born and then precisely organized into rows, a highly-ordered structure critical for our hearing organ to function properly. Understanding how this complex organ develops provides us with invaluable insights into how inner ear malformation relates to congenital hearing loss and also expedites our efforts in regenerating this organ. Numerous signaling pathways including Wnt signaling have been implicated to regulate these critical developmental steps.

Our group is interested in determining how Wnt signaling dictates these diverse processes and interact with other key signaling pathways. In particular, we aim to probe individual components of the pathway to determine their roles in governing sensory cell fate and planar cell polarity.


Regenerating the mammalian cochlea is a monumental task yet it remains our ultimate goal. Our two-pronged approach is based on our findings that the newborn mouse cochlea and utricle both regenerate lost hair cells by defined progenitors.

By interrogating the genetic landscape of cochlear and utricular hair cell progenitors, we hope to better understand mechanisms governing early phases of regeneration. Using in vitro and in vivo models of hair cell regeneration in the utricle, we aim to characterize the mechanisms and physiology of vestibular regeneration at both the cellular and organ levels.

Aminoglycoside Ototoxicity

Aminoglycosides are potent antibiotics that cause irreversible hearing loss, making aminoglycoside ototoxicity one of the most preventable causes of hearing loss. We aim to design and build a new version of antibiotic that is non-ototoxic. In a collaborative effort with Tony Ricci’s lab, we have recently generated the first generation of non-ototoxic aminoglycoside derivatives. We now focus on understanding the structural-activity relationships of these compounds by studying their interactions with bacterial ribosomes, trafficking into bacteria and hair cells, antimicrobial activities and ototoxicity. With these information, we plan to optimize the next generation of drug design and synthesis.



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